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The activities of GISkos range from the science and technology of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to other related technologies, such as Remote Sensing and GPS (Global Positioning System).


  • Distribution of ESRI™ GIS software products;
  • Distribution of software and other products that extend the functionality of ESRI™ software;
  • Distribution of Trimple™ devices for measurement using satellite and GPS;
  • Distribution of satellite images covering the territory of Kosova.


  • Training of clients for the use of software products that we distribute. Training is done in accordance with producer's official programs, and the participants are issued diplomas certified by the producers.


  • Consultancy for designing and implementing Geographic Infomation Systems (GIS). Expert advice or complete project development;
  • Consultancy for spatial data database design;
  • Consultancy for database design.


  • Scanning of various plans and maps of large formats;
  • Vectoring and digitalisation of plans and maps;
  • Preparation and printing of various plans and maps of different formats.


  • GISkos through its local partners also offers other hardware and software products for additional or special customer needs.

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